Who Am I?

Who am I? A concept I’ve been pondering a bit lately. When chronic pain and/or chronic illness comes into our lives and our bodies, our world is turned upside down, and who we were before, is not who we are today. There are so many things that we want to be, or that we were, […]

People, We Need People

I didn’t know anything was bothering me today. I was snippy with my partner this evening, and he noticed, and asked if there was anything I needed to talk about. I didn’t think there was. But I took advantage of the opportunity and started blabbing whatever came to mind anyways. Something about feeling scared, anxious, […]

Gratitude Gives Birth to My Miracles

To ill to attend my face to face 12 step meeting tonight, but I am grateful that I can attend one online. Thankful for http://www.intherooms.com. A chronically fabulous 12 steppers best friend What are you grateful for this evening? It’s such a miracle what happens when I focus on the positive and what I am […]

Hi Friends!

Hi friends! I have not had the “spoons” (PLEASE Google “The Spoon Theory” if you don’t know what I’m talking about) to write a post in a very very very long time. I just wanted to say “Hi”, and that I do think of you, my fellow bloggers, often, and you and your postings give […]

Summer Bucket Lists

Wow. I was all excited to finally be getting to write a new post for the first time in the longest, and I’m staring blankly at the screen. Damn brain fog! I gotta laugh. Through in some untreated A.D.D. into the mix and we got ourselves a party! All by myself 🙂 So, I wanted […]

Name Change and Updates

Hello my chronically awesome friends! 🙂 I haven’t blogged in about a month now. What a month it’s been. I have found a new doctor, or rather a nurse practitioner, in Bio Energy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I now go there once or twice per week for acupuncture, and have seen the NP three times […]

Pushing Through

Pushing Through Some days, it is worth it to push myself to do a few activities. Today, for instance, my body is sore and quite stiff, and my exhaustion is pretty high. But I felt compelled to push through and do a couple of the things I needed to do anyway. Now I feel better […]