Gratitude Gives Birth to My Miracles

To ill to attend my face to face 12 step meeting tonight, but I am grateful that I can attend one online. Thankful for A chronically fabulous 12 steppers best friend What are you grateful for this evening? It’s such a miracle what happens when I focus on the positive and what I am […]

Spoons and 5 Stages

Thinking lately more about my spoons, and how I use them. I know many of you have read “The Spoon Theory”, but if you haven’t, it is a MUST READ, for people with chronic illnesses, and their loved ones. You can find it here:  It’s a short, 2 page read. Go ahead, do it […]

Trudging the Happy Road….

Everyday aint easy, that’s fo sho. Today was a decent day. I had a general feeling of ease and well-being for most of the day; contentedly playing around online, and on my new smart phone, and watching old classics on tv. Side note- I pretty much can’t stand any new shows on television. I think […]