Who Am I?

Who am I? A concept I’ve been pondering a bit lately. When chronic pain and/or chronic illness comes into our lives and our bodies, our world is turned upside down, and who we were before, is not who we are today. There are so many things that we want to be, or that we were, […]

Gratitude Gives Birth to My Miracles

To ill to attend my face to face 12 step meeting tonight, but I am grateful that I can attend one online. Thankful for http://www.intherooms.com. A chronically fabulous 12 steppers best friend What are you grateful for this evening? It’s such a miracle what happens when I focus on the positive and what I am […]

Great Day for Gratitude

Sunny 70 degree days, when it was literally freezing less than 20 hours ago, inspire a flurry of gratitude in me 🙂 1. That it’s sunny and 70 after being freezing less than 20 hours ago, lol2. That my baby’s lips tasted like summer today (sunscreen). Made me excited for summer time activities. 3. That […]

Motivation And The Serenity Prayer

I made use of my time as a porcupine today, and figured out mostly this entire blog today while laying in the doctors office with my body chocked full of needles. It’s a great time to let my mind wonder and actually think for an hour, since I work hard to mostly distract myself with […]

Spring (Change) Is Coming!

Spring (Change) is Coming: Spring is coming guys, it’s coming. Change is coming too, yes it is  I have to remind myself that change is coming when I’m having a particularly hard day, or a hard few days, a hard week, etc. I must remind myself at these times that change is coming. Sometimes, […]