Dear Young Person In the Restaurant

This goes out to all the able bodied people with their “I’m sorrys” and the “you’re so strong/brave/etc”……

Living with CPCI

I know you don’t know me or what it’s like to be me, but you said so many things that simply don’t apply to me and, since you didn’t know part of me was an activist, you had no idea the education you would receive yesterday. But I’m not apologizing, I’m just explaining why you might feel a bit uncomfortable today. It’s okay, you can do want you want with the discomfort, but if you interact with me the same way next time, I will provide the same education and you might have the same discomfort.

Now, in case you are not the only person reading this, young person, let me share with the others what happened.

Yesterday was a rare day, a rare day indeed. I was able to go to a mall to get something for mom and me. Something we had a difficult time finding. And at…

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