MOLD, The Silent Killer! Are You Sick With No Answers? Could This Be You?

This is my newest diagnoses. I think it’s important that everyone have a look at this. ❤

Lyn Leahz

ATTENTION:  I have supplied this information in order to help you figure out if this is your problem or not.  This is in no way meant to diagnose you, for I am no doctor.  I can only share information on what I’ve personally been through and what has  happened to me.


Some links about mold exposure, symptoms, and treatment:   BIO SIGN LABORATORY CORPORATION, CDC GOV Mold Web, MOLD SYNDROME WEB (Extensive!  Very Good!), MOLD SICKNESS: THE TRUTH, MOLD ALLERGY, MOLD REMOVAL COMPANY   (BTW, all mold is toxic to humans if in large quantities in your home; not just ‘toxic’ black mold!)

Your illness, if caused by mold,will worsen over the years if you ignore it and could be fatal.  So it is important to rule this out.  

Nine years ago I lived in a place that had mold.  That’s when it all started. …

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9 thoughts on “MOLD, The Silent Killer! Are You Sick With No Answers? Could This Be You?

  1. I figured that I am just allergic to the now two medicines I’ve tried to get rid of the mold. I thought it was an allergy because my mouth face and arms go numb, and that usually happens to people who ingest something orally that they’re allergic to. If this is the case though, and I’m going to check with my doctor asap, then I’ll continue taking it and ‘just deal’ with the new and improved allergic reaction symptoms. If it’s getting the mold out, I can deal with a numb lips face and arms, though it makes speaking even harder than it already was with the exhaustion I had.

    My doctor told me the die off symtpoms would be “like having the flu”, and she said it probably wouldn’t be too much different for me, since my illness makes me feel far worse than the flu most of the time. But so far the only new symptom I have since taking the anti-mold meds is the numb thing, which is a little scary for me, since it’s so pronounced and so new.

    You get so used to the same symptoms ya know?

    I can relate to feeling scared- this new stuff, the meds and the knowledge of what I believe to be the answer (finally) to what’s been going on with me for years, is all scary. The numbness is scary. But I don’t have late night stuff. I used to wake up all the time from pain when I was on pain meds, but I stopped taking them because I wanted to try these other things and felt like I wouldn’t be able to tell if these other things were working if I wasn’t on pain meds. Funny, since being off of pain meds, I don’t really wake up at night like I was….that was definitely a God thing, because people told me I was crazy to get off of them, since I thought they were helping me with my pain, but they weren’t so much. I am grateful I got a word to be off of them, and that I pushed through the detox off of those (not pleasant, but not unbearable). When you’ve felt so bad for so long, you can pretty much deal with other bad feeling stuff okay too. Stuff that would knock you on your butt if you were ‘normal’, hehe.

    I’d have more to reply, but I’m about to collapse hun. Glad we found each other. You can email me to anytime at
    Soft hugs,

    • Well you do not need to reply right back to me. Let me just tell you this one thing…. die off not only feels like the flue, but…it also increases your allergic symptoms because the very things you are allergic to are being mass released in your body. Your allergic symptoms will be exasperated. Trust me. If dizziness is one of your symptoms, you will feel dizzier than normal. If facial swelling is an allergic symptom..your face will swell. Google Mold Disease and treatments. God bless you, and we will agree in prayer together for healing.

      • Agreed. Thanks for the tips on the allergies. I’ll keep taking Benadryl. I’m going to stay on the lowest dose of this Whelco (sp?) so my recovery won’t be as quick, but I don’t want to overwhelm my body with the crazy die off symtpoms. I know that with God I can get through this, and I believe you can too. Soft hugs.

        • Let me know how it works and if it does the job. If so, I am going to demand my dr check me for mold…and then get the same stuff. And this stuff kills mold..right? And they check your stool to find the mold…isn’t that what u said?

      • I will definitely let you know how it works, but I am pretty sure it’s already working. I would go see a doctor anyway if I were you and get the mold and yeast fecal tests done. Many ‘general’ doctors won’t or don’t do this. I had to see an ‘alternative’ doctor who practices ‘complementary’ medicine. And I know the medicine is working because of all the allergic symptoms I’m having. It definitely speeds up the process, rather than doing it just naturally, although starting today I’m totally changing around my diet as well.

        So I did it backwards from you. It sounds like you started with the natural way, and are looking to get the prescription. I started with the prescription, and am now adding the natural ways also. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reblog. I want to follow you..but you don’t have a follow button in your widget area. If you put one there, I can follow you 🙂 Just go to widgets and drag the FOLLOW widget to the right side… 🙂

    • Hi Lyn 🙂 Usually I see a “follow” button at the very top of my screen, but maybe that’s only for WordPress users? I’ll check out what you suggested to do regarding a widget as soon as I can. At the moment I am very ill, experiencing a bad reaction to the new medicine I got to get rid of the mold. This is the second medicine we tried, after I was allergic to the first medicine. And so we press on, with a Power greater than ourselves. Soft hugs, Jessie

      • Hey Jessie.. yest..the top follow button is for the ‘reader’ area. The one I am referring to is for the email notifications. 🙂 I am soooo sorry you are sick! That is die off..I swear. What is happening is when it kills the mold, thousands of toxins are released in your system. Can you take plain benadryl..2-3 maximum every four hours and 2 ibuprofen every six hours? Ibuprofen is bad for you, i Know..but just does work like you would not believe with allergy problems..and I’m not allergic to it like I am everything else. Increase your water intake. I’d tell you to put lemon juice in it, but if you are like me, you also react to citrus.

      • Do you ever have the late night stuff? Where you wake up feeling really weird..and it scares the stuff out of you..and you don’t know what to do. You can’t even explain to anyone how you are feeling exactly. It’s just scary. We can be each others support system..when we get frustrated, depressed, etc. God will take care of you. Believe. He will instruct you on what to do. Listen to the still small voice.

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