Blessings can come in two ways as I see it:

1) From outside of ourselves, through God or through other people, often both, as several people I know believe that God works through other people, and

2) From ourselves.

In the next 24 hours I am going to bless myself by purchasing a heating blanket. I already have 2 heating pads, which often I have to use both at the same time on various body parts, but it’s still not enough. Instead of getting about a dozen more heating pads, I’m gonna get a heating blanket, and stay wrapped up in it like a cocoon…….for about a month…..(since today I described myself to my hubby as feeling like a giant had smashed my entire body with a meat grinder, and then I went down a wooden bumpy roller coaster with out a car, yay for one of those days :P)

Today I was blessed as I am every other Sunday, when we have an AA meeting at our home. We listen to the Joe and Charlie tapes, which is like a “good ol boys” version of the Big Book and the 12 steps, etc. We listen for about ten minutes or so then have a good ol laid back n cozy AA meeting in our living room. I am always so blessed by it. It’s a special blessing to me because I don’t get to get out a lot due to my health, so when my living room is full and bustling with love for about 90 minutes every other week, it fills up my tank.

This St. Patty’s Day I was blessed to not be drunk and won’t have to worry about having a terrible hangover tomorrow while attempting to go back to work or school like so many will….I wonder what percentage of the population calls in the Monday after St. Patty’s Day every year…:P Like the picture below, my house was so full today from the friends in it from the Irish feast that my Beloved made for us, that we didn’t have enough room in our living room to hold them all- what a blessing that has been for me lately.

It’s not selfish to look at how you are blessed, and how you can be a blessing to yourself. My question for you today is, how will your bless yourself today??



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