Home is Where the Comfort Is….

Being home-bound most of the time because of your chronic illness, can sometime drive you mad. But whenever I venture out into the world for any reason, I am always so relieved to come back to my home. Home is where all my creature comforts are. When I am most sick, home really is where I love to be.

It has all my favorite things: cozy clothes, cozy blankies, cozy pets, heating pads, internet, comfort foods, etc etc. And I can be sick as a dog at home and not have to worry about looking like a fool in front of anyone. I can be comfortable in pajamas I’ve been wearing for days, because it’s too much effort to change; I can be comfortable with whacky looking hair, because brushing it hurts my body too much; I can be comfortable in my slight body odor, because showering would use all my spoons for the day.

As much as I get stir crazy, and long to get out of the house sometimes, home is really where it’s at for this chronically ill gal 😉



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