FREE Detroit – NO Consent: Save Democracy in Detroit and Michigan Petition

FREE Detroit – NO Consent: Save Democracy in Detroit and Michigan Petition.

Please sign and share this anti emergency manager law petition to truly save Detroit- not “save it” as Snyder lies through his rotten teeth saying that’s what the EM law will do.

Any of the 5+ cities in Michigan that have an EM law instated have been destroyed far more quickly than would have without them. For instance: (I’m not the greatest with exact amounts, but it’s close-ish) Detroit Public Schools had like a million dollar deficit. Emergency Manager “took over” (my ass!) and within about three years, they were about 13 million under.

For those of you that don’t know, Emergency Manager Law is basically one knumbscull in charge. It’s a dictatorship. If you live in a city with EM law, it means your vote don’t mean shit.

EM has also been hailed as racist, particularly in Detroit’s case. Here’s why: almost 50% of the total population of African-American people in Michigan, live in Detroit; so therefor, by instituting an EM law for Detroit, that basically cancels 50% of the black vote in Michigan! How fu**ed up is that?!?!

So yes, today’s posting is to please sign this petition, and share it on your social network sites, blogs, email, etc. Educate yourselves. Don’t be fooled by the broken system.


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