Ketchup and Realness

So “Ketchup” just stands for “catching up”, since I think this may be the longest interval between blogs since I’ve begun blogging. Honestly, I am so pooped, my eye balls hurt, so who knows how this one’ll turn out 😉

Here’s the real talk: this past week has been pure hell for me physically with my chronic pain, nausea and exhaustion levels. One of my favorite lessons I’ve learned through my chronic debilitating illness is this: Shit never stays the same. You can have a really hard, really horrible time, (physically, mentally, whatever) but it doesn’t stay the same! For me this is really good news, especially for the physical part.

Example: First half of my day, I literally couldn’t even stand up, talk, nothing. I was all hunched over and just mumbling and nodding and stuff. But this afternoon, I was able to partake in a snow ball fight with my Beloved and his daughter 🙂 It was a beautiful thing. So whenever I’m all fucked up, and you can do this too, just remember that IT WILL CHANGE! How you feel right now, in this moment, whether physical pain, mental, emotional, whatever, will not last. It never does.

Keep ya head up soldiers, it gets better ….



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