Patients Like Me and Helping A Dog in Need

Want to share another sickie’s tool with ya’ll: I guess people can use it to connect with patients who have similar or different symptoms and illnesses, which I actually just began reaching out to other patients there today. But what I think it’s good for is graphing all of your symptoms, your consequent moods, your treatments, your hospitalizations, etc.

They have many many different graphs, and you can choose to get daily, weekly, monthly, or no reminders sent to your email. “Instant Me”, where you basically just state you are “good, bad or other” and why, is something I get a daily reminder for and try to do daily. I think it could be good to look back on and see patterns that I may not normally see. Also, “update symptoms” is something I get daily reminders for, and do my best to update daily, for the purpose of seeking patterns after a while. Other charts I have committed to updating on a roughly weekly basis.

It can be used for any symptom, disease, illness or disability; not just for physical ones, but mental/emotional too. So basically anyone could benefit from it, cuz we’re all a little fucked up right? 😉

The other main thing I wanted to post today is an article and a petition about a dog who is scheduled to be killed because he bit the woman who severely beat him. He didn’t even bite her right away, according to the article, but after having been beaten by her for a while. Please either sign and share the petition, or take a look at the article, and share it also. This puppy goes up for court near the end of this week I believe 😦

Here is the article :

And here is the petition:

And this is a picture of Miss Dutch.

Save Dutch the Service Dog

PLEASE sign and share these both if you can. You may save a dog’s life- a dog who was trying vainly to protect himself from abuse. Hell I would have bit her ass too 😉

I hope you taking loving and gentle care of yourselves this evening my friends.

Jessie D.


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