Let’s up the Happy

Yesterday, I was completely irritable and cranky all day. Could it have been because of the medical procedure I had done the day before, that did nothing good, but made me super sick and super exhausted/hard to breathe? Maybe. I call this blog “Handicapped and Happy”, but often, like must human beings, I am not always happy. I get frustrated, like everyone does, but possibly for different reasons than many people, as they usually have to do with my ailments/illness/physical limitations.

I wanted to highly recommend the show “Too Cute” on Animal Planet. It is a smile maker for sure 😉 It’s almost impossible to stay mad or to not crack a smile, an “awwww”, or a giggle while watching this show. It features the beginnings of the lives of litters of either kittens or puppies. Today it’s Sharpeis, Boxers, and another breed I don’t recognize. Anyway, it is super cute, and I challenge you to give it a shot, and see if it doesn’t elicit a warm and fuzzy feeling, or at least help you crack a smile.

I also want to recommend sunshine, Vitamin D. Even when it’s sunny out, and you’re too exhausted, or in too much pain to go outside, open up your blinds and let some sunlight in as you are resting on your bed or couch. I take Vitamin D supplements daily, as most people in chronic pain are deficient in Vitamin D, but it’s not the same to me. Once in a great great while, I go tanning, not for the color, but for the light and the warmth. I love it in there; I feel all warm and safe, like I’m back in the womb, or in a cocoon.

What things to you do to bring some happiness or sunshine into your day, especially when you’re having a rough day?

Keep your chin up my sick friends, taking it one day at a time. Gentle hugs,

Jessie D.



2 thoughts on “Let’s up the Happy

    • Great! 🙂 Another “happy show” I relished was “Pushing Daisies”. It only had 2 seasons, (Booooooooooo!) but it was worth every second. It’s definitely different from anything else out there. They tell it like it’s a storybook/fairytale. I rented it for free from my local library 🙂 If you live in Michigan and have a library card, you can go to http://elibrary.mel.org/search, which lets you choose selected items (DVDs, CDs, books) from a whole slew of Michigan libraries, and it gets sent to your local library! Definitely broadens your choices 😀 Thanks for the comments.

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