Gratitude Lists

I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and there I have learned to make gratitude lists, especially when one is NOT feeling grateful; restless, irritable and discontent. That’s the best time to make em. So here goes one for today: (try to list at least 10 at a time)

1) Coffee coffee coffee, and liquid flavored creamer. Must have when you haven’t slept due to discomfort all night and you’ve got shit to do now that it’s a new day 🙂

2) My Beloved. I have the best man in the world snoozing peacefully next to me as I write this. I don’t think I would have made it these past couple of years without him and his love.

3) My fur babies. My wolf dog, Juno (grumpy ass old man), and my sweet killer kitty, Aaliyah. Being basically home-bound, and many times bed-bound, they have been my loving and annoying constant companions. They love me no matter how cranky I get in my pain.

4) My best friend Hollie. She is also one of the reasons I’m still sober today. Thanks for showing me what true friendship means, when all others failed me since my illness.

5) Computer and internet! I love to read, but being online is a great way to make time pass when you’re stuck at home without the capacity to get out of bed. Yay God!

6) My social justice comrades. Bursts of passion I get from fighting for justice with you all, and the kindness and understanding you have shown me since my illness, is just amazing. You help save me from myself.

7) That I am continuing bit by bit, to keep this blog. And I will keep doing it dammitall! Lol!

8) My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He never left. Even in worst times when I couldn’t see the light, the light was still there, I just couldn’t see it.

Whoops, gotta go to doctor’s, so we’ll try to hit 10 next time.




4 thoughts on “Gratitude Lists

    • Well, this particular posting is called “Gratitude Lists” because that’s what it is- a list of things I am grateful for 🙂 And the HandicappedAndHappy is just the name of my blog overall, because I am handicapped, but I very much am into looking for the silver lining to things. It helps a lot for me to do that.

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