No idea what I’m doing- my first ever blog post

Hey anyone,

So, I have no idea what I am doing here on this WordPress thingy, but here I am! I have a LOT of time on my hands, since becoming disabled in the past few years, so I thought this might have the potential to become a new cool hobby…or not.

My tagline is pretty much my life: chronic illness, money saving, animal welfare, human rights, and Jesus- or something like that..I dunno, because I can’t see my header from this page. Anyway, I’d imagine that maybe someone else with a chronic illness might have a gander at reading my blog, and maybe they can relate to it, and maybe it might help them to know they’re not alone.

I am also really big on spreading awareness about animal welfare and human rights. Right now I mainly use Facebook to do that, and recently Twitter too. Here could amount to another way to spread that awareness. One of my mantras is that if I reach or teach just one human being, the act was a success 😉 Oh yeah- I love emoticons. I feel like it’s a good way to communicate the emotion of the written, virtual word. Since people can’t see your facial expression or body language. When I have more time I’ll be checking to see if this WordPress thingy has smiley faces and such for me to have fun with.

Money saving is HUGE right now, since America’s economy is in the toilet (God bless the 99%). But it feels like it is even more of a deal since becoming disabled, and taking a 75% pay cut from working a real job, one I paid to get a degree for. Penny pinching can mean the difference between being able to have dinner or not. My latest thing with money saving is freebie sites! I’ve found a couple of good ones..let’s see if I can insert the links to my favorite one here: Well, it didn’t underline it or anything, so you can link right to it, so that’s a bit annoying. Guess we’ll learn as we go along here, just like the rest of life 😛

I really enjoy sharing the free stuff on Facebook and with other friends right now. Soon I am told, although I haven’t received anything just yet, it will be like Christmas in my mailbox year round! 😀 It will be nice to get things in the mail, besides all the bills I can’t afford to pay. Christmas was nice, when you would look forward to cards and stuff in the mail everyday, and you knew right when Christmas was over too, cuz it went back to only ads you don’t want and bills you can’t pay every day. Booooooooooo.

Last, but not least, Jesus. Saved my life more than a few times, and more than a few ways. Couldn’t do this b.s. without Him, that’s for sure. I’m not a preacher type, I’m just not afraid to talk about Him or say his name. Not 100% sure that I label myself a Christian though. One- I fucking hate labels. Can I cuss on here? And two- a lot of dumb things, like wars, and bloodshed, and anti women’s rights happens, “in the name of Jesus” or because of so-called Christianity. Dumb. Stuff. I do “label” myself as a “Jesus freak” or follower, or lover; whichever fits. Something loose and laid back like that.

Alrighty. That’s it folks. That’s my first ever blog, and my first post on this website thingy. Hope I did it alright. Still wondering if I can cuss on this thing….


2 thoughts on “No idea what I’m doing- my first ever blog post

  1. I have just found your page and blog and found it very interesting,I love dogs especially but care about all animals and really belive God gave them souls! Have a great day x

    • Dogs are amazing. God spelled backwards is “Dog” 🙂 I miss mine so much. He was my best friend. I am thankful for every day we had together, and that God put us in each others’ lives to love each other. Funny Elaine you have been commenting on my Facebook all this time, but I haven’t checked or written in my blog in so long, that I didn’t see this until just now! 🙂 Hope you are well ❤ soft hugs

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